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Silver archives at the RKD: Van Kemper & Berger – Bonebakker – Frans Zwolle senior and junior

Since 2009 the RKD has housed a number of important design archives on silver and jewels: N.V. Koninklijke Van Kempen & Begeer and predecessor, As Bonebakker & Son, Frans Zwollo senior and Frans Zwollo junior. The archives are rich in unique visual material of influential 19th and 20th century designers and are a testament to almost all areas in which silver and jewel producers are active: from handmade to industrially produced goods for every-day use (unica and serial production silver), (royal) jewels and occasion show pieces to souvenirs. The total size of these archives measures more than 100 meters. A substantial portion of the thousands of drawings in these archives require extra preservation, including deacidifying and restoration, after which a selection of the archives will be digitalised. The RKD is seeking extra funding for ensuring accessibility of these archives.

Presentation drawing archive on Bonebakker

The RKD considers the preservation and accessibility of these unique archives to be of great importance, enabling them to used for research and reference. The RKD hopes that you will support this project, in the name of the significance of these silver archives. Donations are welcome and can be transferred to bank account 507640, Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie in The Hague, stating Project Silver Archives.

Drs. Irene Meyjes, project employee Silver Archives,

If you wish to be kept informed on the silver archives, please supply us with your name and address by e-mail. The RKD would like to this opportunity to thank you for your reaction.

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