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Royal war memorials in the documentation vitrines

The sculpture exhibition War memorials from the Museum Beelden aan Zee currently on display is now accompanied by an exhibition in the document vitrines featuring documentation from the archives of Charlotte van Pallandt and Mari Andriessen next to material from the Library collection, Visual Documentation and Press Documentation.


Two war memorials by Andriessen, Wilhelmina, and his most famous work, The Dockworker, are accompanied by archival documents and cuttings from published material. The exhibits include press cuttings about the unveiling of the monuments as well as the Haarlem carpenter who posed for the dockworker statue. Several items came from Andriessen’s archive: a cash book, two letters from the council, one outlining the commission and the other confirming payment, and a list of guests invited to the unveiling of the monument. Photographs taken inside the artist’s studio give us an insight into the design process: among the many clay models that surround Andriessen we can recognise the figure of the dockworker.

A later memorial to Wilhelmina by Charlotte van Pallandt, and representing her as ‘Queen of Resistance’, conceals a complex struggle. It took many attempts before a final design was realised and the right position for the statue was found in The Hague. The archive of Van Pallandt contains much documentation testifying to this arduous process. Besides press documentation and various kinds of official documents, the display also includes a drawing of the site for the monument, and several photographs of the making and installation of the statue.

The exhibition is on display until 15 July.

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