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Symposium on the History of Conservation

Conservation and the study thereof is emerging as an academic discipline in its own right throughout Europe. In the Netherlands, for example, the University of Amsterdam launched a Master’s and Post-initial programme in 2005, and conservators and researchers – art-historians but also scientists – are conducting more and more research into restoration and conservation.

As the interest in conservation practice rises, a growing number of researchers are also venturing into the history of restoration. The focus may be on restoration methods, an individual or institution, or a particular conservation principle. At the same time, more and more archives accumulated by conservators are being preserved and handed over to public institutions so that they can be made accessible. The RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History) in The Hague plays a pivotal role in this process.

The RKD and the Institute of Culture and History (ICG) of the University of Amsterdam are organising a Symposium on the history of restoration and conservation in the Netherlands. The event will take place on Thursday 18 February 2010. This is an opportunity to hear a number of short talks exploring this wide-ranging subject for the first time. At the end of the Symposium there will be a chance to draw some first conclusions and to look ahead to future research in this area.

The official language of the Symposium is Dutch, but the afternoon session will include a number of talks in English.

Participation in the Symposium costs € 25 (€ 15 for students), including coffee, tea and lunch. The Department of Conservation and Restoration of the University of Amsterdam have kindly offered to host a drinks party at the end of the programme.

To register for the Symposium please send an email with your name and the name of your institution to Students should state their student-pass number. Registration commits you to paying the participation fee. Payment will be taken on arrival; it would be helpful if you could bring the right amount. Once you have paid, you will be given information about the Symposium and a participant’s badge.

We hope to welcome you in The Hague on 18 February and look forward to a stimulating exchange of ideas.

Michiel Franken (RKD)
Frans Grijzenhout (UvA)
Mandy Prins

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