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Things are happening at Iconclass!


RKD launches first illustrated Iconclass Browser: new Iconclass 2100 Browser makes searching easy and more efficient.

This afternoon André van de Waal, son of Henri van de Waal, who founded Iconclass, launched the Iconclass 2100 Browser together with the new Iconclass website.

What is Iconclass?
is a hierarchically arranged, art-historical classification system which groups images together according to subject codes. Researchers in museums, universities and libraries in the Netherlands and abroad use Iconclass to search for and describe art imagery.

The RKD and Iconclass
Iconclass was first developed in the 1950s by the Leiden art historian Henri van de Waal (1910-1972). In 2006 the RKD took over responsibility for the daily management and future development of the system. Thus the browser has been adapted to reflect modern requirements: the new Iconclass 2100 Browser allows you to perform Google-like searches using multiple keywords and descriptors and also retrieves images from the RKDimages database.

More innovations at Iconclass

In order to make these new features visible, both content and appearance of the Iconclass website have also been updated. The RKD is currently investigating how to integrate Iconclass into its existing databases. (website) (database)


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