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Sunday August 16
Location: Felix Meritis
15.00-17.00 Registration
17.00 Welcome and introduction of the course leaders and participants

Monday August 17: Monographs and monographic exhibitions
Location: Rijksmuseum, Ateliergebouw, Amsterdam

9.00-10.30 Monographs:
Session chair and speakers: Ann Jensen Adams [Thomas de Keyser], Edwin Buijsen [Adriaen van de Venne], Judith van Gent [Bartholomeus van der Helst], Jennifer Kilian [Karel du Jardin]

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Monographic exhibitions:
Session chair and speakers: Pieter Roelofs [Hendrick Avercamp], Quentin Buvelot [Philips Wouwerman], Jeroen Giltaij [Titus van Rijn], Adriaan Waiboer [Gabriel Metsu]

Ann Jensen Adams and Pieter Roelofs will provide an introduction to the two sessions. All of the speakers will give a short description [10 minutes] of the subject of their monograph or monographic exhibition discussing both methodology and the practical aspects of researching, writing and publishing their books or the selection of paintings and hanging of their exhibitions. This will be followed by a group discussion in which the course participants will actively take part. The sessions are intended to provide advice for those participants engaged in monographic subjects and a discussion of the place and value of the monograph and monographic exhibition in academia and the museum world.

12.30-14.00 Lunch at the Rijksmuseum

Drawings and prints in the Rijksprentenkabinet
Location: Rijksprentenkabinet, Amsterdam
Speakers: Huigen Leeflang, Marijn Schapelhouman

14.00-17.00 Workshop: Marijn Schapelhouman and Huigen Leeflang will discuss the drawings of Hendrick Avercamp and the prints of Hercules Seghers

Masterpieces in the Rijksmuseum
Location: Rijksmuseum, Philipsvleugel, Amsterdam
Speakers: Wim Pijbes, Gijs van der Ham

18.00 Welcome by Wim Pijbes, director
18.15 Gijs van der Ham: Introduction to the Philips wing
18.30-20.00 Visit to the Master Pieces presentation in the Philips wing

Tuesday August 18: The RKD as a research tool
Location: RKD, The Hague
Session chairs and speakers: Michiel Franken, Suzanne Laemers, Rudi Ekkart, Sabine Craft-Giepmans, Charles Dumas, Marijke de Kinkelder, Fred Meijer, Roman Koot, Erik Löffler, Constance Scholten, Marianne de Voogd

10.00 Welcome and introduction to the RKD by Rudi Ekkart, director

10.15-11.15 Participants circulate along presentations [each 15 minutes] of the different parts of the collection (visual documentation, archives, library):
Fred Meijer/Marijke de Kinkelder: Old Master Paintings
Erik Löffler: Old Master Drawings and Topography
Sabine Craft-Giepmans: Portrait Iconography
Constance Scholten: Iconography

11.15-11.45 Coffee break

11.45-12.45 Participants circulate along presentations [each 15 minutes] of the different parts of the collection (visual documentation, archives, library):
Michiel Franken: Technical Documentation
Charles Dumas: Hofstede de Groot notes and Bredius archive
Marianne de Voogd: Library
Roman Koot: Auction catalogues and Lugt online

12.45-13.45 Lunch at the RKD

13.45-15.45 Workshop in which each participant researches an individual case
16.00-18.00 Gerdien Verschoor: Introduction to CODART and drinks

Wednesday August 19: Conservation and technical examination of Rembrandt paintings in the Mauritshuis
Location: Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague
Session chairs and speakers: Edwin Buijsen, Michiel Franken, Wietske Donkersloot, Petria Noble, Carol Pottasch

10.00-10.15 Welcome by Emilie Gordenker, director

10.15-11.00 Petria Noble/Michiel Franken: Technical and art historical research of the Rembrandt paintings in the Mauritshuis
11.00-11.45 Wietske Donkersloot: The Rembrandt Database, an inter-institutional research resource for paintings by Rembrandt

11.45-13.00 Lunch at Dudok, The Hague

Workshops/presentations in the museum galleries:

13.00-14.45 Participants in two groups:
Petria Noble: The technical study of Rembrandt's Saul and David
Carol Pottasch: The recent conservation of late Rembrandt paintings in the Mauritshuis
14.45-15.30 Coffee break and opportunity to visit the museum independently

Around the Binnenhof
15.30-17.00 Visit to the Binnenhof, The Hague: Conference Room of the Senate (Eerste Kamer) with Marion Bolten and Rudi Ekkart and the Lairessezaal with Jacqueline Baaren and Lyckle de Vries

Thursday August 20: Drawings and prints in Teylers Museum
Location: Teylers Museum, Haarlem
Session chairs and speakers: Michiel Plomp, Huigen Leeflang

9.00-10.30 Workshop: Michiel Plomp and Huigen Leeflang will discuss the collection of drawings and prints in the Teylers Museum, the oldest museum in the Netherlands

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break

Painting and architecture in Haarlem
Location: Teylers Museum and Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
Speakers: Anna Tummers, Karolien de Clippel, Koen Ottenheym, Elmer Kolfin

11.00-11.30 Anne Tummers: Frans Hals and the Haarlem School
11.30-12.00 Karolien de Clippel: Two sides of the same coin? Genre painting in the north and the south during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
12.00-12.30 Koen Ottenheym: De Bray and Van Campen as pioneers of Classicism in Dutch Architecture

12.30-13.45 Lunch at Teylers Museum

13.45-14.30 Walking tour of Haarlem
14.30-17.00 Visit to the Frans Hals Museum. Gallery talks by Anna Tummers, Karolien de Clippel and Elmer Kolfin

Rembrandt, The Nightwatch
Location :Rijksmuseum, Philipsvleugel
Speaker: Ernst van de Wetering

18.00-20.00 Ernst van de Wetering: Rembrandt, The Nightwatch

Friday August 21: Portraiture
Locations: Prinsenhof, Oude and Nieuwe Kerk and Museum Paul Tétar van Elven, Delft
Session chairs and speakers: Anita Jansen, Johanneke Verhave, Rudi Ekkart, Frans Grijzenhout, Volker Manuth, Frauke Laarmann, Frits Scholten

9.30-9.45 Welcome

9.45 -10.15 Rudi Ekkart: Introduction to Dutch portraiture
10.15-10.45 Frans Grijzenhout: Jan Steen's The burgher of Delft
10.45-11.15 Volker Manuth: The portrait historié

11.15-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.00 Anita Jansen and Johanneke Verhave: Michiel van Mierevelt and his studio
Presentations in the museum galleries:
12.00 -12.30 Anita Jansen and Johanneke Verhave: Michiel van Mierevelt and his studio
12.30-13.00 Frauke Laarmann: Hendrick van Vliet's portrait of the Van der Dussen family

13.00-14.00 Lunch at the Prinsenhof and opportunity to visit the museum independently

14.00-16.00 Walking tour of Delft including a visit to the Oude and Nieuwe Kerk (William of Orange's sepulchral monument) with Frits Scholten
16.00-17.00 The house and studio of a nineteenth-century copyist of old master paintings : Museum Paul Tétar van Elven

Saturday August 22: The Eighteenth Century
Location: Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede
Speaker: Paul Knolle

9.00 Bus departs
11.00 Arrival at Rijksmuseum Twenthe
11.15-11.30 Welcome and introduction to the collection
11.30-11.45 Introduction to the eighteenth century
11.45-13.00 In-depth visit to the eighteenth-century art in the museum
13.00-14.00 Lunch at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe

The private collector as the founder of a museum
Location: Kasteel Het Nijenhuis, Heino
Speaker: Karin van Lieverloo
14.00-14.45 Bus to Heino
14.45-16.15 Welcome and introduction to Dirk Hannema and the collection of Museum de Fundatie
16.15-17.00 Drinks at Kasteel Het Nijenhuis
17.00-18.30 Bus to Amsterdam

Sunday August 23: free

Monday August 24: The art market in Amsterdam in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Location: Rijksmuseum, Ateliergebouw, Amsterdam
Session chair and speakers: Marten Jan Bok, Erna Kok, Everhard Korthals Altes, Friso Lammertse, Jaap van der Veen

9.00-9.45: Marten Jan Bok: Artists' commercial strategies and the dynamics of Amsterdam art market
9.45-10.30 Erna Kok: Innovation thruigh rivalry. History painting in Amsterdam 1635-1645

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-11.30 Friso Lammerste and Jaap van der Veen: the art dealers Hendrick and Gerrit Uylenburgh
11.30-12.15: Everhard Korthals Altes: Some aspects of the international dispersal of Dutch seventeenth century painting

12.15 - 13.00 Lunch at the Rijksmuseum

Archival research
Location: City Archives, Amsterdam
Session chair and speakers: Harmen Snel, Jaap van der Veen, Jonathan Bikker

13.30-14.00 Harmen Snel: Introduction to the (online) resources and projects of the Amsterdam City Archives
14.00-15.00 Jaap van der Veen: Presentation and discussion of various archival documents of importance to art historians

15.00-15.15 Coffee break

15.15-17.00 Workshop involving searching information in the baptismal (online), marriage and burial records

Tuesday August 25: The Dutch interior
Locations: Our Lord in the Attic, Amsterdam Historical Museum and Royal Palace, Amsterdam
Session chairs and speakers: Thijs Boers, Robert Schillemans, Gusta Reichwein, Norbert Middelkoop, Eymert-Jan Goossens, Frits Scholten, Michiel Franken

Our Lord in the Attic:
9.00-9.15 Thijs Boers: introduction to the museum
9.15-11.00 Visit to the museum in two groups with Thijs Boers and Robert Schillemans

Amsterdam Historical Museum:
11.30-12.15 Gusta Reichwein: introduction to the collection with special attention for the interiors kept in storage

12.15-13.15 Lunch at the museum restaurant "David en Goliath"

13.15-14.45 Participants in two groups:
Norbert Middelkoop: The paintings and the interior of the Governor's Room of the Municipal Orphanage

Royal Palace (former Town Hall):
15.00-17.00 Eymert-Jan Goossens, Frits Scholten, Michiel Franken: The Amsterdam Town Hall as a Gesamtkunstwerk: architecture, sculpture and painting

Wednesday August 26: Presenting the past: Dutch art and history in the museum
Location: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Session chair and speakers: Taco Dibbits, Peter Hecht, Paul Spies, Erik Schilp

9.00-12.00 Lectures:
9.00-9,30 Taco Dibbits: The presentation of the collection in the new Rijksmuseum
9.30-10.00 Peter Hecht: the difference between art and history and the risk the Rijksmuseum is taking
10.00-10.30 Paul Spies: The presentation of the history of Amsterdam in the Amsterdam Historical Museum

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-11.15 Erik Schilp: the presentation of history in the National Historical Museum
11.15-12.30 Discussion

12.00-13.00 Boxlunch in bus

Rubens and Rembrandt in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Location: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
Speakers: Friso Lammertse, Jeroen Giltaij
14.00-16.00 In-depth visit to the new Rubens and Rembrandt rooms with Friso Lammertse and Jeroen Giltaij
16.00-17.00 Opportunity to visit the museum independently

Thursday August 27: Cataloguing the permanent collection
Location: Rijksmuseum, Ateliergebouw, Amsterdam
Session chair and speakers: Jonathan Bikker, Norbert Middelkoop, Jeroen Giltaij, Quentin Buvelot

10.00-12.30 All speakers will give a short [15 minutes] presentation of their approach to the making of a collection catalogue followed by a discussion with the course participants.

12.30-13.30 Lunch at the Rijksmuseum

The technical examination of paintings for the Rijksmuseum's permanent collection catalogue
Location: Rijksmuseum, Ateliergebouw, Amsterdam
Session chair and speakers: Pieter Roelofs, Jonathan Bikker and painting conservators of the Rijksmuseum

14.00-17.00 Workshop: Together with painting conservators of the Rijksmuseum the participants will make technical examinations of two or three paintings. This will take place in small groups. The groups will also circulate to view and analyse painting samples, infrared reflectograms, x-rays and the original frames belonging to the paintings.

Public lecture

Location: Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

19.00- 20.00 Public lecture by Eddy de Jongh and drinks afterwards

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