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Membership for Friends
Rights to Reproduction
Hourly Rate for Research
Hourly Rate for Searches
IRR Research 

RKD Price List PDF (in Dutch)

Day's pass €   3.00
Day's pass with discount* €   1.50
Week's pass €   9.00
Week's pass with discount* €   4.50
Year's pass € 30.00
Year's pass with discount* € 15.00

* Friends of the RKD and students receive a discount

Membership for Friends                 

Membership Cornelis Hofstede de Groot Foundation / Friends of the RKD

Student €   25.00
Friend abroad €   55.00
Partner €   60.00
Supporter €   40.00 (or more)
Donator €   100.00 (or more)
Corporate Sponsor €   500.00 (or more)
Cirkel van Hofstede €   1000.00 (gift)

More about the Friends of the RKD



Download from RKDimages €  5.00
Digital scan (publishable quality), on CD or by e-mail € 28.00
within ten days, by e-mail € 45.00
within three days (max. 5x), by e-mail € 70.00


10 x 15 cm each € 29.00
13 x 18 cm each € 29.00
20 x 30 cm each € 30.00
25 x 38 cm each € 45.00


Photocopies, microfiche prints

made on order
Photocopies (b/w)                     € 0.10 € 0,95

Photocopies/ prints/ scans from the Archivalia (after permission) /
Press Documentation collection

 € 0.25 € 0,95
Quality photocopies  € 1.50 € 2,65
Print / scan CD-rom / Microfiches / Lexis Nexis per page  € 0.15


  • All charges exclude shipping and possible bank costs
  • Time consuming orders for photographs and digital scans attract a search fee of €50.00 (ex. VAT) per hour

See also Rights to Reproduction

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Postage (incl. packaging)                 

Domestic    € 2.50
Europe    € 4.00
Beyond Europe    € 5.00
For orders from abroad + € 6.00 for bank charges
charges < € 50.00 direct shipment
charges > € 50.00 shipping after payment

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Hourly Rate for Searches                 
This category concerns specifically described search requests for information from the RKD documentation for people who are unable to visit the RKD in person. A fee of € 50.00 (ex. VAT) per hour will apply. The same half hourly rate applies to photo, slide and ektachrome orders, and photocopy requests.

Hourly Rate for Research     
For the evaluation of art works (stylistic, iconographic or topographic), by an (assistant)curator a starting fee is charged of € 50,00 (ex. VAT) per evaluation. For evaluations that require further research a subsequent fee is charged of € 50,00 (ex. VAT) per half hour. The assigned (assistant)curator will indicate in advance about the amount of time involved for the research. No fee is charged during the public evaluation sessions.

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Recording of original work (including 6% VAT)
Recording of original works of art, archives, etc. fares on request.


Filming at the RKD, including the shooting of documentary and visual materials (with picture and reproduction rights), costs € 423.50 per part of a day. This amount includes the attendance of an RKD staff member. For the assistance of a second RKD worker is required, an additional € 60.50 (ex. VAT) per hour will be charged. Setting up for filming by the RKD is free for the first half hour, after which an hourly rate of € 60.50 (ex. VAT) will apply.

Infrared reflectography (IRR)                 


  • Personal supervision (incl. travel): € 121,00 (ex. VAT) an hour.
  • If the examination serves a scientific purpose, a discount of 33.3 % may be deducted from the hourly personal supervision charge
  • A minimum fee of 1 hour will be charged for each examination session, to cover setting up, testing and dismantling of equipment. Maximum number of hours to be charged per working day: 8
  • Transport of equipment: to be paid for by the client.
  • Travel and accommodation of supervisor: to be paid for by the client.

Margreet Wolters
Curator Technical Documentation
T: (+31) 070 3339762

Digital processing of infrared reflectograms

  • Producing mosaics: € 102,85 an hour.

Output van digital montages

Via CD or e-mail                                                              € 21,78 per image

Information, orders and requests for publication of IRR-documentation:
Margreet Wolters/Michiel Franken
Research and Technical Documentation
Stichting RKD
Postbus 90418
2509 LK Den Haag
T: (+31) 070 3339719
E: of

            For more information, see

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