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Photocopies and microfiches

Charges include 6% VAT. An hourly fee of € 49.00 including 19% VAT, will apply for time-consuming photocopy orders. In addition, you will be charged for postage and for possible bank fees. Photocopies and microfiches will be delivered within seven days.

Photocopies (b/w)                        € 0.10
Photocopies from the Archivalia* and press Documentation collections**   € 0.25
Photocopies of Hofstede de Groot index cards   € 0.10
Photocopies made on order***   € 0.90
Quality photocopies (b/w)   € 0.70
Quality photocopies (b/w) made on order***   € 1.50
Colour photocopies**   € 1.50
CD-rom print / Microfiches, per page     € 0.10



Material from the Archivalia Collection is only copied under highly exceptional circumstances. Permission should be requested by letter from the chief curator. The scope of the request should be mentioned. 
** Only on request
*** Requests to be submitted in writing or by telephone


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