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Evaluation of Art Objects

The RKD regularly organises public evalution sessions where you can bring along your own works of art. Our specialists can provide information about the artist, style, technique, etc. without costs.

To have a work of art assessed by us you should send a professional photograph. You can also request information about the artist of the work, the period in which it was made, its subject, etc. For this we ask you to include all available information (medium, dimensions, signature, provenance, etc). Your photograph becomes the property of the RKD and may be incorporated in the collection. This service is charged with an hourly examination fee of € 100,00 (excl. 21 % VAT). We will provide you with a written report of our findings. Any information provided by the RKD about an art object is strictly the result of art-historical research by one or more members of staff, and should not be treated as an expertise.

Research Fee

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