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Ordering Photographs

You can request (digital) images or reproductions from our collections via our online service:

It is possible to have visual material reproduced by our photographic service. Photos, scans, slides and ektachromes can be made to order if the document meets certain conditions. Orders to the value of up to € 50.00 will be sent directly with an invoice; larger amounts must be paid for in advance, before the order is processed. The usual delivery time for photo orders is four weeks. For large orders a longer delivery time may apply.

Charges Photographs and Scans
Terms of Delivery

Photo Credit Line

For works of art located in public collections, such as museums, photographs should always be ordered directly from the organization in question, unless the RKD owns a photograph that shows the work as it was before it entered the collection. Exceptions can also be made if the public collection in question is unable to provide a photograph.

If a work of art has been on the market or offered at auction in the last five to seven years, you should first direct your photographic order to the art gallery or auction house in question. Copy photographs can be ordered from the RKD of works of art that were on the market or for sale at auction more than five to seven years ago, or whose current whereabouts is unknown.

Orders for works from private collections can be considered, case by case, by a study room assistant.

Works of art and copyright
If the maker of a work of art is still alive, or died not more than seventy years ago, photographs can only be reproduced with the artist’s permission or that of his/her heirs or legal representatives. It is your responsibility to make contact with the copyright holder, either the artist or his/her heirs or legal representatives, or Pictoright which holds the rights for a large number of artists.

Photographs and copyright
For photographs of three-dimensional art objects, or representing a three-dimensional image, and photographs which are works of art in themselves, the rule is that when the photographer is known it may not be reproduced without permission of the photographer or his/her heirs or legal representatives. Addresses of photographers and photographic agencies can be obtained by contacting the Stichting Burafo.

Portrait rights
There are rules to be observed in the reproduction of relatively recent portraits; see also under Terms of Delivery.



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