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The Rembrandt Database

The Rembrandt Database is an online, inter-institutional, interdisciplinary research resource for art-historical, technical and conservation documentation on paintings by and (formerly) attributed to Rembrandt. The database is an initiative of the RKD and the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis and is supported by the Museums and Art Conservation program of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The Rembrandt Database builds on the existing network of RKD databases, including the database of the Technical Documentation department and the database of works of art RKDimages. The Rembrandt Database was launched september 19th, 2012 at

Rembrandt, The laughing man, ca. 1629-1630, oil on copper, 15,4 x 12,2 cm, Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, inv. nr. 598. From left to right: Ektachrome (1998, after treatment); electron emission radiogram (before or in 1970); Infrared photo (before or in 1970).

Until 2014 more then twenty partner institutions worldwide will present information and documentation on Rembrandt paintings on The Rembrandt Database. This includes museums such as the Mauritshuis, The Frick Collection in New York, the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, as well as research institutions such as the Doerner Institut in Munich and the Cultural Heritage Agency in Amersfoort/Amsterdam and individual scholars, including dendrochronology specialist Peter Klein.

Homepage of the test version of The Rembrandt Database

Users of the website will be able to browse, search and study information, text documents and images in a structured way. The website presents extensive art historical information on each painting, including information on attribution, iconography, provenance and related works and a list of publications. Text documents like paint sample forms, treatment- and research reports will be made searchable as much as possible. Images (including photographs from different periods, infrared images, x-ray films, paint sample images and autoradiograms) can be viewed in high resolution, zoomed into, compared and used for study- and educational purposes. Many documents are of recent date, but The Rembrandt Database also presents texts from the 18th and 19th century related to the conservation history of the paintings.

The Rembrandt Database mission is to become the first port of call for research on paintings by Rembrandt. The database will be ever-changing and growing, as more documentation will become available as a result of new research or more partners joining the project. The RKD will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the website on the long term.

Wietske Donkersloot
Project manager
T: 070-333 9777

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