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Dreaming of Holland

This project aims to provide a survey of scenes that show Holland through the eyes of foreign artists. Typical subjects include polder and river landscapes, townscapes, windmills surrounded by peasants and fishermen, people in local costume and bulb fields. The project spans the period from c. 1800 to the present.


Carl Emmerik Skånberg, View from hotel Het Witte Paard in Dordrecht on the back of houses and a garden with women in a bleaching field, ca. 1876-1880, canvas, 36 x 26 cm

The idea of assembling such a collection of visual material originally came from Hans Kraan, former Librarian and Chief Curator of Foreign Art at the RKD.

The collection of visual documents is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of this theme in art history; new items are added at every possible opportunity and descriptions of individual artists and works of art are entered into RKDartists& and RKDimages.

Since its inception, several publications as well as a documentary based on Dreaming of Holland have been produced with support from the RKD:

  • H. Kraan and I. Brons, Dromen van Holland. Buitenlandse kunstenaars schilderen Holland 1800-1914, Zwolle 2002
  • M. Peters, U. de Goede and J. Alleblas, [ed.] Dromen van Dordrecht. Buitenlandse kunstenaars schilderen Dordrecht 1850-1920, Bussum 2005
  • P. Delpeut, Dromen van Holland. Uitstapjes in een exotisch land, documentary by Pieter van Huystee Film (2004)

Ursula de Goede-Broug,
Curator of Foreign Art




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