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Survey of Decorative Interior Paintings in The Netherlands (1600-1940)

In September of 2001 the RKD, in collaboration with the Netherlands Historic Buildings Council (Rijksdienst voor Monumentenzorg), commenced a three-year survey of all decorative interior paintings in The Netherlands. The object of this project is to create an inventory of painted wallpaper, wall paintings, ceiling paintings, chimney pieces, and overdoors that were produced for secular public and private buildings in The Netherlands between 1600 and 1940.

Academic support comes from the universities of Leiden (Prof. C.W. Fock) and Amsterdam (Prof. E.J. Sluijter). The project is made possible in part by a subsidy from the Netherlands Research Council (NWO).

To facilitate stylistic comparisons, dating, and possible attributions on the one hand, and protection and conservation on the other, the description and photography of the paintings form the most important component of this inventory project. The objective is to attain as complete an overview as is possible of these poorly documented and little studied interior decorations.

The data and illustrations are currently being entered into the database RKDimages. After the completion of the first phase, in the middle of 2007, a publication about the results of the project will be produced. In 2006 a symposium was organized about this subject.

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