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Recently a collection of manuscripts, notes, letters and lectures (NL-HaRKD.0309) has been added to the archive (NL-HaRKD.0309) of the painter and poet Jan Pieter Veth (1864-1925), who was professor at the Academy for Fine Art in Amsterdam. The newly added documents reveal that Veth was working on an extensive biography of the great German master Albrecht Dürer in the years 1900-1910. Included in the notes are suggestions for possible chapter titles: 'Dürer the family man', 'Dürer's productivity', 'Dürer the  Businessman' and even 'Dürer as a friend'. It is clear from several letters by renowned (art) historians such as Max J. Friedländer and Johan Huizinga that Veth took a thorough approach to the subject, seeking advice from the most eminent scholars of his time. Veth's interest in Dürer stretched back many years. From 1907 his research intensified as he began to prepare a book with S. Muller, eventually resulting in the publication of the two weighty tomes of Albrecht Dürers niederländische Reise (Berlin 1918). The Dürer papers have been added to the important holding of Jan Veth documentation in the collections of the RKD. This archive will be catalogued and made accessible in due course.

For more information on the archive of Jan Vet (0309), please  contact our archivist Lidy Visser,


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