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Can you tell if an artwork is authentic?

The RKD makes no firm pronouncements on the authenticity of objects. Using our visual documentation our specialists try to determine if an artwork has been placed under the right name and is autograph, copy or imitation.

The RKD regularly organises public evaluation consultations. Please bring along your painting, drawing or print to one of the evaluation sessions at the RKD. Our experts will be available to give information about the maker, the image, what technique was used, etc. without costs.

You may ask your question by sending a letter to the RKD, enclosing a good photograph and relevant information, such as dimensions, technique, signature, etc. For the evaluation of art works (stylistic, iconographic or topographic), by an (assistant)curator via e-mail of letter, a starting fee is charged of € 50,00 per evaluation. For evaluations that require further research a subsequent fee is charged of € 50,00 per half hour. No fee is charged during the public evaluation sessions.

The RKD will keep your photograph to expand its Visual Documentation Collection (no personal information is specified on these photos).

If you plan to make use of this service, you are advised first to read the specific instructions in Evaluation of Art Objects.

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