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What is RKDportraits
The RKDportraits database covers descriptions and illustrations of portraits from the portrait iconography (Iconographic Bureau) collection. The aim of this collection is to document as many portraits of Dutch men and women as possible. Although the earliest portraits date back to the fifteenth century, it is already possible to find portraits of the twenty-first century. Besides descriptions of paintings, drawings, sculptures and graphics, the database also offers a generous selection of portrait photographs from before 1920.

RKDportraits content
The database contains more than 57,000 descriptions of portraits of Dutch individuals; this constitutes more then half of the total collection of portrait documentation.

Searching in RKDportraits
Via the search form, the RKDportraits database offers the possibility of searching by name of sitter, name of artist, or date, among others. There is also a field which allows ‘free’ searches. In the search form, you will find help texts which give step by step instructions on how to obtain optimal results.

Your reaction to RKDportraits
We appreciate being informed about essential corrections and about relevant new details about works of art or identities of sitters. For questions, comments and additions you can contact:

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