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What is RKDlibrary?
RKDlibrary is a database containing descriptions of books, magazines and catalogues that are housed in the RKD library.

RKDlibrary content
At present, the database contains approximately 150,000 titles. Over 30 percent of the available publications has been entered. A ‘retro-project’ is in progress with the goal of entering titles at a high tempo.

Searching in RKDlibrary
You can search in the full catalogue or in one of the sub-catalogues of RKDlibrary: click on ↓ for the options. You can easily find auction catalogues under the Auction tab, exhibition catalogues under Exhibitions and collection catalogues under Collections.

In the search form, you will find help texts that give step by step instructions on how to search in the database and which also provide suggestions and tips.

Your reaction to RKDlibrary
If you have questions about the library or about RKDlibrary, you can direct them at:
Marianne Voogd, Librarian

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