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What is RKDcollections&archives?
RKDcollections&archives  is a database with brief descriptions of the archives and sub-collections managed by the RKD. The database contains basic facts about archives and collections belonging to artists, artist societies, art dealers, art collectors, art historians and restorers. Besides the title, name of the archive creator, breadth etc., this database also offers information about the degree of  accessibility. You can find the entries themselves, such as inventories and placement lists, in the reading  room.

The content of RKDcollections&archives
At present, the database contains approximately 610 descriptions, predominantly from archive material. The descriptions of the RKD’s various sub-collections will be supplemented and expanded over time.

Searching in RKDcollections&archives
In the search form, you will find help texts which describe step by step how to search in the database and which also provide suggestions and tips.

You can search by title word of the archive description and by name of the archive’s creator. Using the ‘Qualification’ field, it is also possible to select descriptions of all art collectors or all restorers about whom the RKD possesses archival material.

Your reaction to RKDcollections&archives
If you have questions about either the archives or RKDcollections&archives, you can direct them at:

Ramses van Bragt MA, and Lidy Visser, Archivists

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