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What is RKDartists&?
RKDartists& is a database with details about Dutch and foreign artists (in the broadest sense of the word) from around 1200 to the present. The database contains information about artists and other people who play(ed) a role in the world of art, such as art dealers, art collectors and art historians. The database also functions as an index to the RKD’s extensive art-historical documentation. You can then consult that documentation (image material, archives, press documentation and literature) in the RKD reading room. Records can be selected with very specific searches; the RKD organizes regularly worshops for interested users of RKDimages and RKDartists& (upon request also in English).

The content of RKDartstist&
At present, the database contains records of approximately 250,000 artists. Most of the artists for whom the RKD has documentation have been incorporated, but this is true for relatively few of the art collectors, art dealers and art historians. New records are added daily.

Some records have been inserted in greater detail than others. The data are supplemented systematically by RKD employees. The database is also enriched with information supplied by users outside the RKD, who pass on their discoveries to us. Art historians and genealogists supply new, unpublished (archival) information from time to time. The RKD also regularly receives information from the artists themselves or their family members. In this way, RKDartist& serves as a platform for the collection of  details about artists.

Searching in RKDartist&
In the search form, you will find help texts that give step by step instructions on how to search in the database, and which also provide suggestions and tips.

Although you can, of course, search simply by artist, the database offers many additional possibilities. By combining searches, for example, you can ask the system questions about art production. Which artists, and how many, active in Amsterdam in the seventeenth century, were portraitists? How many, and which, French artists work(ed) in the Netherlands? How many, and which, nineteenth-century English women artists painted cats? How many, and which, Scandinavian sculptors visited Italy?

Your reaction to RKDartist&
We appreciate being informed about essential corrections and relevant new details. Please include a citation. These changes will then be incorporated into the database as soon as possible.

Willem ter Velde, MA
Data Manager
T: 070 3339787

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