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Tips and Suggestions


Tips for use of the search form

  • In the search forms of all our databases, you will find help texts which give step by step instructions on how to search in the database and which also provide suggestions and tips.
  • Often, filling in one, or at most two, fields will suffice. You should only use several fields at once when this is essential to obtaining more concise search results. Less is more!
  •  If you are searching by name, proceed as you would in a telephone book: by last name. If it is a common name you are advised to type in the first letter of the first name as well (surname comma space letter without period!).
  • If you are doing a search via one of the search forms, it will be saved in the search history. Your search history will disappear when you log out.

Text & sign
Blue text means that the text is mouse activated. When clicked on, a help text, explanation, definition or information about the term’s place within the thesaurus will appear.

 lijst is a list icon. If you click on it, a validation list with terms from which  you can choose will appear. If you first type a couple of letters into the search form, you will move to that alphabetical place on the list. Some of these lists are very long and have a hierarchical structure (thesaurus). Others are short. If you do not type letters on the search form and instead click on the list icon, the list will open at the top.

loepje is a magnifying glass. It means that you can search with the preceding term by clicking on the magnifying glass. This is therefore a way of bypassing the search form, which does sometimes save time. Searches with the magnifying glass, unlike those performed using the search form, are not saved in the search history.

usedfor is a do-not-enter sign. This means that the term in question is not a term  or name of preference, but a term that refers to a name of preference. During a search, non-preferential names are automatically replaced by names of preference.

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