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The RKD’s digital infrastructure consists of two strands, both of which are constantly under development:
• databases of our own collections, RKD Explore
• databases forming a resource for the heritage sector, other RKDdatabases

RKD Explore
RKD Explore is the online collections database of the RKD. It provides access to the following collections: visual and press documentation, the library and archives. New information is added to the databases every day. Some information, such as the biographical data in RKDartists&, and the attributions of works of art provided by RKD experts in RKDimages, is available only through our website.

Guidelines on how to use the search options are given on the start page for the databases and in the help texts attached to the search fields for each database (see also Tips for use ).

Your reactions to RKD Explore
We value your comments, including essential corrections and relevant new information. Please always cite your sources. The information will be added to the database as quickly as possible.
The visual material in RKDimages appears in low resolution. The RKD has made every effort to contact all copyright holders. If copyright holders feel that they have not been properly acknowledged they should contact the RKD.

For enquiries, comments and additions, please contact:

Other RKD databases 
Two of the other databases located on our website, Iconclass and AAT, are essentially thesauri which are used by cultural heritage institutions making their own collections accessible to a wide audience. RKDartists&, which offers biographical information on artists, fulfils a similar function. The database of the National Design Archive (NOA or Nationaal Ontwerp Archief) provides an overview of design archives in the Netherlands.

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