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Nineteenth-Century Dutch and Belgian Art

The Collection of Visual Documentation for Nineteenth-Century Dutch and Belgian Art comprises more than 470,000 photographs and reproductions of paintings, drawings and sculptures by artists of the period 1800-1900. The documentation is divided into sections for Dutch and Belgian art, and further divided by medium, subject and then artist.

The collection is catalogued in the RKDartists& database and part of the visual documentation has been added to RKDimages. One of our priorities is to make available the collections of contemporary collectors. Thus you can access the collections of J.F.S. Esser, Hendrik Willem Mesdag and others in RKDimages. From 2012 you will also be able to find biographical data on many collectors of the period in RKDartists&.

The staff of the nineteenth-century department mainly work on projects that focus on specific aspects of the collection. Art-historical information and relevant documentary sources are made available digitally through various databases. The results are published and often presented in the form of an exhibition organised in collaboration with a museum.


Mayken Jonkman (curator)
Project: Retour de Paris. Artistic exchanges between the Netherlands and France in the nineteenth century

Jeroen Kapelle (assistant curator)
Project: The face of the nineteenth century. Exhibitions of Living Masters 1808-1917

Eva Geudeker (documentalist)
Project: Cornelis Kruseman (1797-1857). Raphael of the North




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