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Dutch and Flemish Old Master Drawings

The ONT (Oude Nederlandse Tekenkunst) is an image library for Early-Netherlandish Drawing, which contains over 300,000 photographs and reproductions of drawings (and also prints) by Northern- and Southern-Netherlandish artists of the period 1400-1800.

The collection consists of two parts: visual documents that have been researched and visual documents that are yet to be covered. The researched material contains approximately 225,000 photographs and reproductions, which are arranged into two sections, Northern and Southern Netherlands, and then subdivided by period, subject and artist. The unresearched visual material contains more than 75,000 items and is arranged by artist.

There are separate image files providing summary documentation for early Netherlandish sculpture, wall hangings and stained glass.

The collection is subdivised in Subject Groups. With the database RKDartists& the material can be searched by artist name; part of the visual documentation also is included in RKDimages.

Staff Members

Erik P. Löffler, MA (Curator)
• Dutch and Flemish Old Master Drawings, 17th Century
• Fotomechanical Reproduction Techniques, 19th Century


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