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The RKD collection of books, periodicals and other carriers of information, such as Microfiches (a.o. of auction catalogues) and CD ROMS, make up on of the largest art-historical libraries of the World. It consists of more than 450,000 titles, of which about 150,000 are auction catalogues, and about 3,100 periodicals (of which some 600 current). Each year the holdings are expanded by about 5,000 new books including about 1,500 auction catalogues. Alist of recently acquired books is available on line.


The collections pertain to western art from the early Middle Ages to the present. The library contains a large number of recent monographs and general works about art, but also early and rare editions. Other important components are collection and exhibition catalogues. The collection of auction catalogues, many of which are furnished with prices, names of buyers, and annotations, is among the most significant in the world.

A larger part of the collection is accessible via RKDlibrary, but for material not yet incorporated there, via the Card Catalogue. General reference works, microfiches and CD-roms, and recent issues of periodicals and the newest auction catalogues are located in the reading room of the library. Some sections of the library collection are housed in the study room but most titles should be ordered from one of the available computers.

Marianne de Voogd

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