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The RKD’s Archival Collection contains 1100 meters of documents from archives transferred from artists, artists’ societies, art historians, art critics, gallery owners, art dealers, collectors, conservators and others involved in the fine arts and design. The material relates primarily to Dutch art and includes letters, notes, manuscripts, photograph albums, personal papers, sketches and sketch books. You can access the collection via the database RKDcollections&archives.

Archives Overview (in Dutch)
Consultation and Use of Archives


Ramses van Bragt, MA and Lidy Visser, Archivists
Wietse Coppes, MA, archives of or about the De Stijl group
Ramses van Bragt, MA, archives of monumental artists

For an overview of Dutch design archives (archives of designers, design agencies, manufacturers, design galleries and designers associations), please consult the Central Register of Design Archives (CRDa).

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