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Wanted: works by and information about Jan Veth

Preparations are currently underway for an exhibition and publication about the artist Jan Veth (1864-1925). The provisional title of the exhibition is Jan Veth, socialite 1864 – 1925. The RKD and Dordrechts Museum are looking for works of art, objects and, other documentation (including letters) by, or in connection with, the artist.

jan veth zelfportret.jpg
Jan Veth, Self-portrait (1887), oil on canvas, 35 x 26 cm, Dordrechts Museum

If you have a work of art by Jan Veth or any other material that might be relevant, could you please fill in the form (pdf) and send us a sharp (digital) photograph showing both the front and back of the object.

All information will be treated with the utmost care and your privacy will be respected at all times.

Mr.drs. Mayken Jonkman
Curator of Nineteenth-Century Dutch and Belgian Art
T: 070 3339777

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